Cold Fire Pacific

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Cold-Fire Pacific offers alternative "Organic/Green" solutions to serving, protecting and making lives and property safe for future generations. Cold Fire, Odor Seal, Fire Block and Motor Max products offer the 21st century solution to traditional chemical-based products on the market today. All of these products are plant based with no chemical additives. All products are environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-staining.

Cold Fire can be used to extinguish fires or as a rapid surface cool down/heat barrier spray for heated materials. Cold Fire is also designed to be a safety tool for personal safety and trade applications, for trades such as plumbers, welders, roofers, and mechanics that work with hot surfaces or open flames, Cold Fire is an excellent pro-active and reactive safety product. For personal safety, Cold Fire is a must-have for your kitchen, workshop, garage, vehicle or boat.

Odor Seal®
Odor Seal is listed on the SNAP (Significantly New Alternative Policy) Program Vendor List. It is USDA Class C recognized, safe and easy to use. Odor Seal is used to eliminate the toughest odors quickly, safely and effectively through its ability to encapsulate the odor without the use of masking agents or fragrances. Odor Seal destroys odors naturally and does not dissipate or lose its effectiveness once it is applied. Odor Seal continuously works to break down and eliminate odors emanating from the odor producing source. Rain or extreme heat will not diminish Odor Seal's effectiveness.

Fire Block®
Fire Block is a specially formulated environmentally friendly product which is used to provide retardant properties in all Class A ordinary combustibles materials. Fire Block is a innovative and specially formulated product to create its own thermal insulation barrier to prevent dangerous flames from spreading and also inhibits the development of toxic hydrocarbon smoke.

Motor Max®
Motor Max supercharges your cooling systems' ability to absorb heat from critical engine components, therefore producing a much cooler engine, resulting in less overheating, better mileage, reduced engine wear and lower emissions.

Cold-Fire Pacific is committed to serve clients with honesty and integrity. Our assurance to the manufacture of these innovative products is to represent them and their products in a professional manner based on experience and knowledge of the products.

We guarantee our clients exceptional service related to their purchase orders, timely follow-up to inquiries or questions and performance integrity related to all products distributed and sold by our company. Our desire is to create long lasting business relationships based on exceptional products manufactured by Fire Freeze Worldwide and our ability to meet the needs of our clients with organic/green products.

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